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Teacher Of The Week

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Sunny 98.3 Freaky Fast Friday Jimmy John’s Office of the Week.  Register now & YOU’LL automatically get a subcard for a free sandwich (only the person registering the office gets one of these.).  Randomly chosen Office Of the Week wins Jimmy John’s individual box lunch for 10! (sandwich, chips, spear pickle and a cookie and one gallon of tea for office.  To register email  or Facebook where you work & the phone number.  We’ll have a random drawing Friday before 9am.  This is all new entries so get yours in today. Jimmy Johns, 1300 Sterlington Rd, Monroe 343-1900  When you register you can go by Jimmy Johns to pick up your free subcard.  Office Of The Week winner will need to come by Sunny 98.3 to pick up winner card!) (June 6-Aug 26)


If you want to win prizes from Sunny 98.3
there are a few things you need to know
John Runyan